Pushover And Over
TWHBEA reg. #
Dark solid bay mare
~natural head shaking, ground covering walking gaits
Turns on a dime and stops when you think it! "Lady" is super sweet and very sensitive in her mouth, she is easy with her turns and can spin it around and rides wonderful.  Has a loose way of moving, very old walking horse movements.
~awesome ride, and easy keeper
~great personality and throws that to her foals
~great addition to our lesson program!

 ~Now being used on our youth Show team!


Pushover And Over

Dark bay mare that throws babies with dark restricted to the points.

The pushover #792307

black grand champion

The Pusher C.G. #725575

blue roan grand champion

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Doc Touched Maggie 
Reg. TWHBEA #19903152
Bay mare 04/21/1999
"Maggie" is a great broodmare who has leggy
 foals with great personalities and can W-A-L-K it off!!
The foals love to be handled and have great gaits from the first steps. 

Doc Touched Maggie

Large dark bay mare with 1 agouti gene that throws long legs and great conformation to her smart foals

Doc's Sure Cure #937605

sorrel stallion

Dr. Elmer #771209

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sorrel mare

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