"Offering you the best bloodlines for awesome temperament paired with Perlino coloring to offer you great possibilities to produce BUCKSKIN walking horses with natural gait, conformation, and awesome personality."

We have been crossing "Dusty" with our bay mares and for his 2012 crop he threw all buckskins and that is good for us!
Dusty is genetically Ee Aa CrCr
If you breed Dusty to non-dilute mare (black, brown, bay, sorrel, chestnut) you can get buckskin, palomino, or smoky black.
If you breed to a single dilute (buckskin, smoky black, palomino) you can get buckskin, palomino, cremello, smoky black, perlino or smoky cream.
If you breed to a double dilute (cremello, perlino) you can get cremello, perlino or smoky cream.

A great resource is www.animalgenetics.us/CCalculator1.asp, for the stud enter EeAaCrCr.

Darrah's Silver Arrow

Perlino Stallion Ee Aa CrCr

Royal Ivory #882926

Cremello stallion

Pride's Favorite #761837

sorrel stallion

Bud England #785487

palomino stallion

Blue Gold #905820

Cremello stallion

Jetstar's Sunrider #868692

Chestnut stallion

Dakota's Medora #698605

Chestnut mare

Stud fee on Darrah's Silver Arrow is currently $300

Now offering shipped frozen or cooled semen to outside mares. (contact for current pricing)

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