Midnight's Moonlight Diva
Black Overo filly
Foaled: 5/23/09
Purchased from Stoner Creek Walkers
"Diva" was bought to be a future show/trail horse.

Sundrop At Sunrise
TWHBEA black gelding
"Sunny" is the best all around horse that I have owned.  He is an awesome show horse that can win in the ribbons without being worked for months before the show. He is a sweetheart on the trail and is vary laid back, but come show time he puts on the shine!!  Now being used as a lesson horse on occasion.  

Darrah's Maid By Chance 
"Dolly"  TWHBEA#20500188
Homozygous for the agouti gene.
Buckskin mare out of Darrah's Ivory Chance and Fireball's Mountain Maid.  Dolly has just been started under saddle and is gaiting non stop, she never misses a 4-beat step.  She is now 15.3 hds and growing.
Dolly's second ride and it's with Lindsay!!

  Fireball's Misty
20 yr. old SSHBEA
Dad's Personal Trail Mount
"Ringtail" named from the white ring around her solid black tail.  She is dark black with four white socks and a faint white stripe up her neck into her mane.  Excellent trail horse and broodmare. Smooth riding mare that racks and walks depending on how you set her up.  Used mainly for a trail horse and hauled around the South to large camp-out trail rides. 
Now enjoying life as a lesson horse!